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Barton Creek Cave Tour

Barton Creek Cave Info

Chiquibul highway, in the Cayo District, on the outskirts of the Barton Creek Mennonite Community

The Barton Creek Cave is located in a subterranean environment; therefore, it is treated as a fragile place, easily disturbed by humanity. Barton Creek Cave is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Cayo District. In addition to its natural beauty, the site has a wide range of cultural remains left in the cave by the ancient Mayans. Artifacts, hearths, cave formations and human remains were deposited on ledges above the river, which indicates that the cave was of great ritual importance for the ancient inhabitants of the region.

The Barton Creek Cave is part of a large river system and is one of the longest subterranean sites in Belize. Cultural remains, however, have only been found in the first kilometer downstream from the entrance. This kilometer-long space contains ten ledges above the river, with evidence of the ancient Mayans' activities. The first ledge is found to the left just inside the entrance of the cave and continues on for about 30 meters beyond the Maya Bridge that extends over the river. It is important to note that the so-called Maya Bridge was not constructed or modified in any way by the Mayans. The bridge is a natural formation when the river level lowers, due to the riverbed erosion.

Barton Creek Cave

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Tour Includes: Licensed Tour Guide, A/C Vehicle, Lunch, Water, Sodas, Entrance Fees, and Guided Tour on site.

Things to bring: Light Clothing, hat/cap, Camera, Good Hiking Boot/Shoe, Sunblock, Repellant, Medication if necessary, Money or Credit Card for shopping.

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