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Cave Tubing & Ziplining Tours

we get our cave tubing equipment ie. Floatation device, head lights, life vest, helmet Then of you go. A 35 minute walk under the canopy of the rainforest. Your guide will be interpreting the area up until arrival at the entrance of the cave. A quick swim in the river to refresh yourself and also climatize oneself. You then sit in your floatation device and float through a passage of time and enjoy the Stalactite and Stalagmite and an array of rock formation. Let your imagination flow and just sit back and relax and enjoy this exquisite float inside these caves. As you float your guide will be interpreting your ride in the cave. Appx.90 mines. After your Cave Tubing experience its lunch time in the area. Appx.1Hr. After lunch we then proceed to your zip line experience area where you will be meeting with the onsite guides who will be harnessing you as well as giving all a SAFETY briefing before zipping in the canopy. Enjoy the spectacular view of the canopy. After tour we depart from the reserve back to your connection to your hotel.

Cave Tubing Tour

Cave Tubing & Ziplining Tour:

Depart from Belize City heading due west appx.40 mines. As you proceed your tour guide will be interpreting the area you’re passing by as well as talking about the History of Belize as you head to the national park of NOHOCH CHEEN. Upon arrival we stop at the changing area in the park to change into your swimming wear and also use the restroom appx.20 mines.

Tour Includes: Licensed Tour Guide, A/C Vehicle, Entrance fee, Cave Tubing Gears, Harness for Zip Line, Local Lunch

Things to bring: Dry change of clothing, towel, waterproof camera, water shoe, money or credit cards for shopping. Flip Flops/Slippers are not allowed on this tour

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