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Tikal is in Guatemala, but in many ways it is easier to get there from Belize. Tikal is truly the supreme Mayan city. The sheer scale of Tikal as it rises above the forest canopy is overwhelming, with some 10 square miles of central Tikal having been mapped, revealing over 3000 separate constructions. Huge stones brought down by the rivers of the south coast served as the raw material for the carving of gigantic sculptures that have been found in this region. Tikal is dominated by five enormous temples, many which are steep-sided pyramids that rise up over 120 feet from the forest floor.

Tikal started as a village in about 900 BC, making this among the oldest of Maya sites. The Great Plaza is the most spectacular structure in Tikal and is surrounded by stelae and sculpted altars, ceremonial buildings, residential and administrative palaces, and a ball court. At each end of the plaza a gigantic temple looms above the rainforest canopy. The temple of the Great Jaguar is located on the eastern side of the Great Plaza and measures more than 150 feet in height. The temple was erected about 700 AD by order of Ah Cacao/Grand Jaguar, whose tomb was discovered inside. What brought about Tikal/s final downfall remains a mystery, but by 900 AD almost the entire lowland Maya civilization collapsed, and soon Tikal was abandoned. Today Tikal is a National Park. This has created a huge nature reserve where monkeys, toucans and other exotic jungle fauna reside.

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Tour Includes: Licensed Tour Guide, A/C Vehicle, , Lunch, Water, Sodas, Entrance Fees, and Guided Tour on site.

Things to bring: Light Clothing, hat/cap, Camera, Good Hiking Boot/Shoe, Sunblock, Repellant, Medication if necessary, Money or Credit Card for shopping.

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